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If you were to describe your ideal lifestyle, would be like this?

Imagine being able to go wherever you want without worrying about money. You could spend an indefinite amount of time doing whatever you want, with whomever you want, and wherever you want, on your own terms.

And the best part is that you’d be doing things that would primarily feed your soul. That sounds like a wonderful life to us!

However, the reality is that you may be in debt, working demanding jobs that you may not even enjoy, and this may prevent you from spending as much time as you would like with your family.

Perhaps you are unable to enjoy life experiences because you believe you are barely making enough money to cover your expenses.

Are you leading a life that will keep you working until the age of 65?

If you’re not truly satisfied with your job, we have three words for you: average, stressful, and boring.

What if we told you there’s more to life than a 9-to-5?

Is achieving financial independence (FI) and living life on your own terms within your grasp? Isn’t that more… thrilling?

We hope that after seeing what we have in store for you, you’ll be inspired to do whatever it takes to get your freedom from a job. Because there is nothing better in life than having control over your time.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re struggling with money, unsure how to make it work for you, or simply want to build wealth.

You want your financial life to be in order.

But maybe you…

  • Have “too much month left at the end of the money”,
  • Have no clue how to start investing and what retirement accounts are available to you,
  • Need help figuring out how to pay off your debt,
  • Don’t know how to budget properly, or
  • Feel like your friends and family don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish with your FI journey.

You want to be able to build wealth for yourself and your family regardless of your financial situation. And we’re here to assist you because we understand how you feel. We’ve been there before.

You want to be able to pay your bills, save for your goals, and enjoy your life.

You’re sick of being broke and want to be free of the stress that comes with not having cash in the bank.

You want to be a part of a community that knows what it’s like to be on the road to financial independence.

You believe it is time to secure a better financial future for yourself and your family, but you require support in doing so.

Personal finance topics appear to be complicated. Most people are put off by financial jargon. And we’re here to help you simplify it so you have the tools you need to become wealthy.

You’ll almost certainly reach your financial goals if you follow the simple daily habits we recommend. There will be very little left to chance!

A few core beliefs underpin our money philosophy:

  • We believe that if you are willing to take on the challenge, you can become wealthy and enjoy life’s greatest treasures regardless of your financial background. And it doesn’t matter what color your skin is or what accent you have.
  • We believe that in order to succeed, you must think differently, deviate from the crowd, and evolve as a person. We’ll show you how to stand out from the crowd, because being average sucks.
  • We believe that financial independence is essential for unlocking the door to happiness, but true happiness is not found in material possessions. Simple moments and pleasant memories with your loved ones are what truly matter. We’ll emphasize the importance of being present in the moment and how we value relationships.
  • We believe that you have far more control over your life than you realize and that you can begin to change it the moment you take action to control your financial destiny. It’s entirely up to you. 🙂
  • We believe that random misfortunes do not occur in your life because you deserve them. Instead of giving up, you must get back up and try again. We didn’t become financially successful without experiencing setbacks along the way. We’ll point out our mistakes so you can learn from them.

You have what it takes to gain financial control and become wealthy. We’re here to help you build a solid foundation for your savings and change your relationship with money. You got this!

Let us now introduce ourselves.

I’m Tatiana

I’m a salsa-dancing, globe-trotting, people-watching ball of energy.

I question things as they are and encourage others to do the same.

I’m a cultural mutt: having been born in Belarus, raised in Lithuania, studied abroad in Spain, and now living in the United States, I now identify as a Russian Latina. Since moving to the United States, I’ve lived in Pennsylvania and in Florida.

What brings Tatiana here

I’ve been different since I was a child. I didn’t care what other people thought or did, and I marched to the beat of my own drum. Unafraid to stand up to authority, I would defend someone or something if it felt right and just.

I am very clear about who I am and what makes me happy. My ambition is to share my inner strength and drive with you.

I’ve served as an unofficial life coach to many friends and family members, and I’d like to share my insights with you in the hope that it will help you get to know yourself better, love yourself, and live for yourself.

That, my friend, is the pinnacle of happiness.

My path to true happiness and financial independence was not straightforward. I immigrated to the United States with my mother and sister at the age of 13 from Lithuania, and we were poor there and poor here to begin with. I had to work several part-time jobs to help my mother pay the bills.

However, I was able to complete college and find a great job that provided me with a steady income.

Once I learned about the concept of FI, I was able to save far more than I ever thought possible by combining my earning power with my humble roots.

If someone had told me when I was 13 that I’d be financially independent by the age of 31, I’d have assumed I’d won the lottery or married wealthy.

My hubby and I make an excellent team: between soul-searching, financial independence, world travel, and breaking away from the herd, we’re having the time of our lives! And while we’re on the subject of my hubby…

I’m José

I consider myself a lifelong learner. I’ve learned many life lessons, and what has contributed to my success is that I have always continued to get up after every fall.

I’m a Dominican immigrant who came here with my family when I was 12 years old. I’ve lived in Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

What brings José here

Writing isn’t always easy for me. However, I have enjoyed expressing myself through writing since my work was published in my college newspaper. Since then, I’ve been publishing on and off.

What brings me here is a desire to help people in saving for the future. The average personal savings rate in the United States is depressing, and I believe we can do much better, far better.

I went to school the traditional way.

I had a brief entrepreneurial stint after graduating from college. Then I got a job at an investment management firm. I got sucked into the trap of the so-called “American Dream” after I started making decent money.

However, one day I awoke with the realization that I needed to completely change my relationship with money. I want to help others in doing the same.

I’m now in the happiest years of my life, thanks to my own beliefs rather than the nonsense of society.

How did Enchumbao, our first blog, come to be?

We felt compelled to write about our financial independence journey, or “FIRE” (Financial Independence/Retire Early), as it’s known in the personal finance community, back in 2015.

For about 12 years, we both worked for an investment management firm and learned a thing or two about investing.

The initial goal of this blog was to create a library of articles about how we achieved financial independence in order to inspire family and friends who were interested in pursuing FI.

It’s much easier to send a link to an article explaining how to do something than it is to explain it over and over. Enchumbao, our first blog, was born as a result of this.

In order to remain anonymous until we finish our working careers, we didn’t do much to promote Enchumbao outside of social networks, but our articles have been featured in Rockstar Finance and Physician on Fire.

The mainstream media took notice as well, and our story was featured on MarketWatch.

The Next Chapter After Early Retirement: Crucial Wealth

We retired from corporate America on July 19, 2019.

We blogged very little over the last few years because we spent most of our time raising our child, renovating our home, and traveling.

This left us with very little time to write for Enchumbao, but we wanted to keep inspiring others to pursue their happiness, this time with a greater emphasis on personal finance.

We believe it is critical to have at least the necessary wealth to consider yourself financially independent, which is how the blog’s new name came to be: Crucial Wealth!

It is crucial to achieve this level of wealth in order to put your money worries aside and focus on living a healthier, happier life. It is about amassing enough wealth to live comfortably.

We’re very excited about where this new project can go. Let us simply observe the direction of the current.


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