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Great health is one of the key ingredients to enjoying financial independence and early retirement. We have been slowly, but surely, switching to safer non-toxic products after learning about the disturbing chemicals allowed in most personal care items. It takes a lot of research to find the products of good quality. We’ve already spent a good amount of time doing the research and want to share with you, so that you could benefit as well.

For full disclosure, we get a small commission from Amazon if you buy from the links. This doesn’t affect your cost. Rest assured, we will never recommend a product that we don’t use or believe in.

Our goal is for all of us to live healthier lifestyles. We also  want to promote the companies that are providing better products and the best way to encourage production of better American products is by voting with our dollars. Here are the products that we recommend.

Cheers to your health!

Love, Tatiana

Personal Care


EO Shampoo and Conditioner Bundle


Similar to soap, there are lots of parabens, phthalates and SLS in most common brands. This brand has lovely smells, little foam, which is natural and none of the toxic ingredients. I was going to try other brands later, but liked this one so much, I don’t feel the need. Ultimately, once we are FI, I plan to go through a shampoo/conditioner withdrawal period and let my natural skin oils come down. Since I wash my hair every day, it gets oilier quicker, and creates a viscious cycle. Shampoo is another marketing scam, since it dries your scalp, which is why you need conditioner. Back the in the day, people just used oils to condition their hair. That’s in my FI future! When I think of the animal kingdom I realize how simple life should be. If lions don’t need shampoo, then the human species probably wasn’t created to need it either. In the meantime, I am using the healthy alternatives.


Eye Cream Chlorella Edelweiss Stem Cell


I have been using preventative creams to keep looking wrinkle-free for years, but once we watched the Human Experiment documentary on Nexflix, I had to say goodbye to my pricey eye creams from known big brands. After some searching around, I decided to try this cream and I like how light it is. You don’t need much at all and the 1 oz is lasting me for about a year already. Not to mention it’s about 5 times cheaper than the Lancome one I used to buy. Yeah, baby!

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub

I used to use a scrub in the shower once a week, and it left my skin kind of irritating. I use this baby several times a week, and glowing is the only “side effect”. So glad I made the switch for both health and results reasons.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Toothpaste


This might shock some of you: fluoride is bad for you. It’s a byproduct of a chemical process and someone had the brilliant marketing idea to put it into toothpaste some time back. In fact, what you need are certain oils that help your teeth and gums be healthy.

We tried three natural toothpastes so far, and this one is the one we liked best. It also scores quite high on a recent report referenced on, which compares all the toothpastes and provides helpful insights.

Also, I recently learned that swirling coconut oil in your mouth a few minutes a day can help keep the dentist away. What?! Love it! We stopped using Listerine years ago, because, surprise, it’s bad for your gums. All that alcohol and coloring chemicals are not what nature intended for your mouth. So, put down your fluoride propaganda toothpaste and give this one a try.


Nutiva Coconut Oil as Shaving Cream


Speaking of coconut oil, I learned from recent research that it can be used in place of shaving cream. I was a bit skeptical at first, but finally gave it a try. Not only was my shaving experience super smooth, it left my skin soft and moisturized after I got out of the shower. This brand that I bought (after extensive research) is great because it can be used for both cooking and body care. I just put some oil into a smaller container that I keep in the shower and the rest is in the kitchen for now.

Acure Organics Lemongrass + Moroccan Argan Oil Firming Body Lotion


Once we are FI, I will have enough time to make my own shampoo, lotions, etc. For now, I am glad there are some healthy products on the market. I like this lotion and the Acure brand has great quality across many products, so I am glad to support them with our dollars.

EO Deodorant Spray


This deodorant is made of essential oils blends and doesn’t have any synthetic fragrances. BEWARE of the big brands like Secret and Right Guard, as they are some of the worst offenders. José was hesitant to switch from his toxic Right Guard deodorant at first, after having tried other organic ones unsuccessfully, but he’s converted since trying this one. Now, he even goes days without using anything, there is no smell and his white undershirts no longer have those awful yellow stains he got from the toxic brand.

EO Liquid Hand Soap


I don’t know about you, but I wash my hands a lot. After using the bathroom, cleaning something, coming from the outside where I touched common areas. All this just to prevent excessive bacteria and viruses from spreading in the Enchumbao household. The last thing I want is to unknowingly poison us, but that’s exactly what we’ve been doing with our prior liquid soap. Among many things, it had Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), which is a toxic chemical known for it’s lovely carcinogenic properties. And, guess what!? It’s used in most products on the market to create the marketing scam or brilliance, depending on how you look at it, known as foam. Advertisers some time back realized that humans need a connotation with cleanliness to feel good about what they are doing, so they marketed the presence of foam as something great. Well, we know their trick now, and we’ll spread the word until SLS is out of our lives and those who listen. Here is a good list of chemicals to look out for and avoid.

EO Shower Gel


Do you have any awesome products to recommend to our community?

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