Great health is one of the key ingredients to enjoying financial independence and early retirement. We have been slowly, but surely, switching to safer non-toxic products after learning about the disturbing chemicals allowed in most personal care items. It takes a lot of research to find the products of good quality. We’ve already spent a good amount of time doing the research and want to share with you, so that you could benefit as well.

For full disclosure, we get a small commission from Amazon if you buy from the links. This doesn’t affect your cost. Rest assured, we will never recommend a product that we don’t use or believe in.

Our goal is for all of us to live healthier lifestyles. We also want to promote the companies that are providing better products and the best way to encourage production of better American products is by voting with our dollars. Here are the products that we recommend. Cheers to your health! Love, Tatiana


Eco Nuts Berries Laundry Detergent


Eco Nuts berries are a great alternative to the toxic laundry detergents out there. The Eco Nuts are dried berries that naturally produce high concentrations of a soap called saponin. Due to this high concentration, they’re great for cleaning your laundry, and gentle on your clothes and skin. We tend to use the berries when washing our clothes, especially colorful ones in cold water. Pro tip: be sure to remove your berries from the cloth pouch after each wash. My first batch got ruined because it got moldy. Now that I empty it out every time, all is dandy.

Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder

We discovered this brand after trying the Eco Nuts. We needed something complimentary to wash our towels and linens with, that has a nice and natural scent. We find that it works best in warm water, as the powder dissolves better. The peppermint oil has a very pleasant scent. We also buy the detergent for whites, which combined with the main ones, can brighten your whites naturally. No bleach permitted in the Enchumbao household!

Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner


We stopped using the really toxic stuff a while back, and instead use green products, such as this one. It’s pretty versatile, so we use it throughout the house. No toxic fumes and it works quite well on routine cleaning. Be mindful of this brand though, as not every product is of the same quality. For example, I found SLS in their detergent and dish-washing liquid soap products, and no longer use them.

Do you have any awesome products to recommend to our community?

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