As we go about our daily lives we encounter places, products and services that are outstanding, bring value and enhance our experiences. These have become our favorites and we want to share them with you. Rest assured that we’re not posting any products unless we feel they can benefit you. Part of our spending philosophy is that what we buy, needs to bring value to our quality of life and that we don’t go spending the money we don’t have.



Vanguard is one of the world’s largest and most respected mutual fund companies. Something remarkable about Vanguard is how it remained untouched through the financial scandals of the Great Recession. What we like about Vanguard the most is their ownership structure and low expense ratios. The only shareholders they have to report to is the regular investor, like you and I, so there’s no conflict of interest. It’s simple, with less fees and no other shareholders profiting, more money in our pockets!

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