Enchumbao is Now Crucial Wealth

The only thing constant in life is change! For those that have been following our Enchumbao blog, we’re now Crucial Wealth.

How did this change come about?

It was really unplanned. Back in January, I bought the Crucial Wealth domain with the hopes of starting a new personal finance blog or maybe write a book.

The name really stuck with me.

I started creating a new site for Crucial Wealth on our Enchumbao hosting plan. Our hosting plan allows for two websites so I figured: why not test the ground with this new space? However, after a few days, I stopped working on it and put it to rest to concentrate on other life endeavors.

Five months later, our three-year hosting plan for Enchumbao was about to expire. I tried to transfer the blog under a new account with the same host, to avoid paying the $300 annual renewal fee, but it didn’t work out.

Fortunately, I already had saved all the content under CrucialWealth.com. Long story short, our best option was to keep the content under Crucial Wealth and move on.

For a moment I was thrown lemons and we made Crucial Wealth out it.

This gave life to Crucial Wealth as I saw this as an opportunity to continue telling our Enchumbao story but with a refreshed angle.

Crucial Wealth is blogging 2.0 for us

A new motivation

I’m really excited about our new branding for many reasons. In reality, I was no longer motivated to do much for Enchumbao. After we reached FIRE I felt that it served its purpose for us. It helped us achieved our goals by keeping us accountable and tracking our plans made them easier to reach.

Enchumbao helped us stay focused on reaching FIRE whereas Crucial Wealth would broaden our early retirement discussion.

Now that we’ve been retired for almost a year and our girl is almost two years old, I feel that we can start to breathe a little and work on projects that we enjoy. The motivation just has to be there.

A new brand

Crucial Wealth is a brand that we can take places on a more serious tone. Enchumbao was our journal but it was harder to market and even harder for some to pronounce. We didn’t care much since it served our original purpose but Crucial Wealth just flows. I no longer have to try to spell it out for some people to find it. 🙂

Just the Crucial Wealth domain alone can be listed on sale for $1,602 on Goddady.com. It’s good to know that if we build a nice brand and lose motivation, we have the possibility of selling it later for a profit.

Crucial Wealth is the new fuel that can take us to a new frontier. Epic! 😂

A change of color!

We did change our color scheme for Crucial Wealth. The main color for Enchumbao was blue #007281. I was thinking about keeping it but after searching for its complementary color, which is dark red #810f00, I fell in love with it and decided to make it the primary color for Crucial Wealth!

The old blue might make a cameo appearance every so ofter since it’s now the complementary color of our dark red.

A new project, the same essence

Even though we’re working on a new project the essence is still the same. We’re not losing focus on what happiness is all about. This chapter still focuses on true happiness, enjoying the journey, and becoming/enjoying financial independence.

What’s a big difference from Enchumbao?

A major difference is that we’ll write for Crucial Wealth more freely. We’re no longer employed by a corporation. There’s no longer the fear of our bosses finding out about our plans to retire early.

We’re financially independent and done working for money.

Fewer constraints also allow us to be more of ourselves. We’re no longer Mr. and Mrs. Enchumbao but simply José and Tatiana. We’re going with versions of our first names instead. Yay! [I’m coming out… I want the world to know…Got to let it show…] 🙂

A content refresh

Enchumbao had great content and we wanted to keep the stories that are relevant to Crucial Wealth. Our readers didn’t want to see the blog go away. So we are moving forward with about 65 percent of the Enchumbao posts. I took the entire month of June to review one article at a time and refresh it. We still have some more articles to review and one way to know if it hasn’t been reviewed is if it’s missing pictures or charts.

The transfer to a new site didn’t link the pictures properly and I’ve been updating them as I go. I could probably find a better way to do it but this forces me to look at each article and update for relevancy.

I’m enjoying reading posts that we wrote five years ago, so I don’t mind the extra work.

We’re also replacing stock photos with our own images which will even make the blog feel more personal. We own all photos.

Advertisers, income and social media

Some ads are gone

We got rid of Google ads. We weren’t making much money from those ads and sometimes they can be annoying, so they’re gone! Our goal is to cover blogging expenses with Crucial Wealth. This means that we’ll have some occasional affiliate links or maybe some private business banners to cover the hosting fees.

Lean social media

It takes time to cover the social media channels so we’re limiting them to a few. You can continue to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and via e-mail subscription. We might add a few other media channels later but for now, we’re going with what has been the most effective and easy to maintain channels.

Crucial Wealth will reflect growth

It’s amazing how much we’ve learned over the past year. The best decision we made last year was leaving the 9-5. We now have more time to keep learning, growing, and changing our mindsets as needed.

Our opinions are not always going to be popular and we don’t care. The truth can be very inconvenient to many but we don’t live to satisfy the masses.

We’re not a fad

There you have it. No, we didn’t disappear due to the market crash. Temporary market volatility is not enough to derail a solid FIRE plan. We were busy just living life and have rebranded Enchumbao.

Besides dealing with the pandemic, our lives as early retirees are going as planned. Look out for our next OLTL post this month for an update on our journey.

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Until next time! Love, Tatiana and José


José worked at Vanguard for 12 years, helping create electronic and print educational materials for 401(k) participants. He retired at 44 from corporate America and loves to spend time with his wife and daughter, discovering new adventures or just sharing a meal in their backyard.

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