As we go about our daily lives we encounter places, products and services that are outstanding, bring value and enhance our experiences. These have become our favorites and we want to share them with you. Rest assured that we’re not posting any products unless we feel they can benefit you.

Part of our spending philosophy is that what we buy, needs to bring value to our quality of life and that we don’t go spending the money we don’t have.



Capital One 360 is an online bank that provide checking accounts. We love the fact that they pay us interest instead of charging us monthly fees. They also don’t have any minimum balance requirement.

Capital One has an awesome feature called P2P (person to person) in which you can pay anyone instantly for free and the only information you need is the last 4 digits of their bank account and their email address.

Being able to deposit a check through a smartphone/tablet app is also a big plus.  Use this link and get a nice bonus for signing up. For full disclosure we also get a referral bonus if you sign up. This is our favorite online bank for checkings.



SallieMae is another online bank that offers very competitive rates for high yield savings and CD accounts. We find these accounts useful for long and short-term saving goals.

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